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Corbin Handbook

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The Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging (on CD-ROM, HB-9E) is the place to start your swaging adventure! It is only $9.50 plus shipping (USA $4), or a total of $13.50 in the USA, and has over 230 pages of information, pictures, and illustrations that tell you how to make nearly any kind of bullet you can imagine!

When corresponding with Corbin, please be sure to include a valid e-mail return address. When placing orders for delivery in the USA, please make sure you have a street address or PO Box for delivery. UPS will charge an extra $5 if you only have a box number and not a valid street number, or they may not be able to delivery at all. Foreign orders, please make sure you include the country name, and a valid mailing address.

Write to:
CORBIN Mfg. & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA

Sales@Corbins.com: Orders, queries
Dave@Swage.com: Dave Corbin, Pres.
Phone: (541)-826-5211
9am-5pm Mon-Thurs

Fax: (541)-826-8669
24/7 always on
www.Swage.com: Document server
www.Corbins.com: Main site


To send an order with your bank card, you can either send it in e-mail, or send it using our Shopping Cart on the SSL (Secure Server). Or you can use a FAX (24-7 line: 541-826-8669), or leave private voice message for Dave Corbin at 541-826-5211 (press the "star" button on your phone to interrupt the messages and leave your own message... you may need to press it twice, to break out of the "after-hours" or "can't answer" message.

You can order safely on-line at www.SwageDies.com, which accepts VISA, Mastercard, or lets you indicate that a check will be sent. Nothing is charged automatically: the store just double encrypts the info and sends it to us on receipt of the proper key, so we can decrypt it with a second key, review your info, and contact you if there are any questions.


For VISA or MasterCard orders, please be sure you have all the digits and the expiration date. Sometimes people forget that there are four more numbers over the hologram logo, or leave off the expiration date, which means the number cannot be processed. We also need the last three digits from the printed number on the back of your card (where the signature strip is located).

Click Price List to look up prices for any Corbin product. You can also download and print our standard catalog pages, by type of system or topic, from Downloads (use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the catalog pages exactly the way they would be delivered by mail). There are eight pages, separated by the kind of press and dies that fit it, or by the product groups.

Use our Topics page to locate information by topic, or use the search window to find all pages with a certain word or phrase on them, such as "cannelure" or "lead wire". There is far more to this website than is first apparent...the more you "click", the more you find out about swaging!

You are still welcome to send e-mail with your bank card. A good way to add a bit of security to them is to send two e-mails, one with the order and half the number, and the other with the rest of the number and expiration date only. The odds of someone intercepting both and putting them together are millions to one. Also, you probably are protected by your bank card company against card number misuse. If not, you might want to consider a low-limit card that does offer protection, just for internet orders.