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NEW Case Cannelure Machine

PCM-2 Page

45-70 Case Canneluring Machine Corbin has introduced a new power case grooving (or canneluring) machine for long cartridges such as the .45-70. The purpose of the smooth or serrated cannelure groove on the case is to prevent set-back of the bullet during handling, in tubular magazines, during feeding, or from recoil and impact of the bullet nose against gun components.

The PCM-2 basic cannelure machine comes with one diameter of grooving wheel. The .45-70 feeding and support components are additional, and permit the rapid feeding of loaded cases through the machine at rates of up to 50 per minute. Designed for either rapid hand feeding, or for use with customer-furnished collator/feeder devices and drop tubes, the powerful PCM-2 operates on 120 or optional 240 Volt 50/60 Hz (specify when ordering), weighs about 20 pounds, and takes up only about a six by seven inch footprint. The machine is eleven inches tall, and is constructed of heavy, precision-ground steel plate top with powder-coated 10-gauge steel wrap around cover. The machine uses an oil-filled transmission to the continuous duty motor. A pause/reverse switch allows the wheel to operate in either direction, with a positive enforced pause in the center off position to prevent accidental reversal.

case canneluring Cartridges are prevented from tipping by a feed sprocket that supports nearly their entire length, and a close tolerance groove that captures the rim of the case. The sprocket stops turning instantly with the lightest touch, so it is safe to hand feed. The depth and position of the groove is precisely adjustable over a wide range, although typical depth of only .010 inches is sufficient to prevent bullet setback.


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