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Hydro Press

Photo of Hydro-Jr.


The CSP-2H or Hydro Junior press was discontinued in January 2012. It is no longer available, and is replaced by the CHP-1 Hydro-Press. The following information is for historical information only.

The CSP-2H Press is similar to the Hydro-Press in many ways: it has the same cabinet, drive cylinder, and head, and accepts the same dies and punches. However, it does not have the programmability of the CHP-1. Instead, it uses the Engerize, Up, and Down buttons to control the stroke, and sets the top and bottom limits of travel using electro-mechanical roller limit switches.

The Hydro Jr. is the economical choice for a second operation press, especially where you are extruding lead wire, drawing jackets, reducing bullets, or other operations that do not require a programmed stroke and a loading position. In effect, the Hydro Jr. press is like running the standard Hydro-Press with the load position switch off, the top position auto-reverse off, no dwell time delay at the top (manual control by holding the switches down), and the automatic pressure sensors off. It will do everything that the Hydro-Press can do under those same conditions. This means that, practically speaking, the only thing it cannot do is run the JMK-2 automatic strip jacket drawing head (there are no plugs to interface with the strip feed mechanism or the uncoiling machine).

Both the CHP-1 and the CSP-2H run at the same stroke speed and with the same power. However, the CSP-2H is slower to operate because it requires manual control of the cycle, whereas with the CHP-1 you can program a semi-automatic cycle and do something else while the press forms the bullet, retracts and ejects it, and waits at the loading position for another charge of components. This means that a single person can run two Hydro-presses at once, in the same time that another person running the CSP-2H would only be able to run one stroke cycle. Many people start with the CSP-2H press, and purchase a CHP-1 later, running both machines at the same time. This is only a little slower than running two CHP-1 presses: you can start an automatic cycle with the Hydro-press, then take the last bullet and insert it into the Hydro Jr., hold the buttons and form the lead tip (for example) while the Hydro-press finishes swaging the ogive on the bullet by itself.

The weight of the CSP-2H is about 50 pounds less than the Hydro-Press. Otherwise it is identical in dimensions and power requirements. Options for the press include arbor press anvils (which convert the punch holder and the ram for benchrest-type non-threaded reloading dies), a quick change floating punch holder, jacket and bullet reducing dies, bullet swaging dies, jacket making dies for copper tubing or for flat strip, and Base Guard(tm) making kit.

Order from:
PO Box 2659
600 Industrial Circle
White City, OR 97503 USA

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