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CM-3 and CM-4 Core Moulds

CM-3CM-4a Core Mould

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Corbin CM-3 Core Mould Corbin CM-4 Core Mold
Discontinued Models

The CM-4a core mould replaces the older CM-4 and CM-3 models, since it can be made more economically in both small and large bore sizes. The earlier CM-4 was used for up to .365 diameter, and the CM-3 was used for larger calibers to allow room for the cylinder inserts in the steel frame. The CM-4a uses a solid block of fine-grained iron for both the frame and the cylinder bores, it allows more room for large bore cavities, providing four cores with each cast instead of three with even large core diameters.

Previously printed information on the CM-3 exists in magazine articles, early catalogs and books, and hundreds of the earlier mold versions are still in daily use. Pistons, sprue plates, and most other components can still be provided (current CM-4a parts often will work in the earlier moulds). The press-fit cylinder inserts, however, are no longer available. If the cylinder is damaged in the CM-4 or CM-3, it is best to either replace the mould with a CM-4a, or send the damaged mold back to see if it can be repaired economically. Usually, if more than one cylinder requires replacement or repair, it will probably be more practical to replace the mold.

The CM-3 was built in .312, .340, .365, .390, .430, .500, .600, .700 and custom diameters. The CM-4 was made in .185, .218, .247, .275, .312, .340, and .365 diameters. A few were made in other sizes to special order. Normally it isn't economical or practical to use a core mould for cores smaller than .185 (although a few .170 moulds have been produced). Lead wire is so economical in the small sizes that even free lead would cost more in time and effort to cast compared to just snipping off a bit of wire from a 70,000 grain spool.

See trouble-shooting tips for CM-4a mould, which also apply to the early CM-4 and CM-3.

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