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New 30 X 1.25-In. VB Jackets


White City, OR.

J-30-125 Corbin now offers a 1.25-inch long, benchrest quality 30 caliber rifle jacket with a dual wall configuration, thin and parallel for the first 3/10 inch, joining a heavy base and shank section designed for high velocity hunting or high precision benchrest competition.

The jacket accepts a core diameter of 0.251 inches, and uses a 0.276 diameter core seating punch over a wide weight range (thanks to the parallel wall forward section). The jacket is ideal for bullet weights from 160 to 240 grains, depending on ogive shape and style. The exceptionally small jacket run-out provides an amazing degree of potential accuracy.

The new jackets are drawn from high quality gilding metal stock, and are packaged in double .004-mil poly bags. This arrangement prevents oxidation of the jackets in long storage, yet lets the user open and reseal the inner bag (which is folded and taped lightly). Each bag contains approximately 250 jackets (packaged by weight). A special price is offered on bulk lots of 1,300 jackets, packed in a sturdy corrugated box.

The J-30-125 jackets can be ordered from:
PO Box 2659
600 Industrial Circle
White City, OR 97503 USA

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