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New .650-Inch Long .40 Cal (10 mm) Bullet Jackets

The .65-inch long .40 now in stock can be used to make long, stable, yet light weight bullets when combined with one or two Corbin Bullet Balls (linear polyethylene spheres of .312 diameter), or you can make medium to heavy weight full jacket and open tip bullets with a pure lead filling. Another great use for these jackets is in building shot-fillled fragmenting bullets: fill them with number 12 lead shot (or the smallest you can get--number 7-1/2 or 8 will work). The length comes in handy if you want to pack the shot snugly without squeezing all the air out, for maximum fragmentation. Such bullets are considerably safer to fire than solid lead slugs in indoor ranges, reducing the chance for richochet, and also make a good police round with more safety than solid lead slugs regarding over-penetration by shots that miss the intended target, especially when capped with a plastic ball (same one you can use in the base for light, fast bullets). Order Cat.No. J-40-650, in packages of 250. You can order on-line at SwageDies.com under the "Handgun Jackets" category or see pricing at PRICES. Or E-mail your order today. Visa/MC welcome!

Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA

Phone 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs: 541-826-5211
Fax 24-hrs: 541-826-8669
Website: http://www.swage.com
E-mail: sales@corbins.com

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