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Solving Your Year 2000 Problem

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P.O. Box 2171
White City, OR 97503 USA

SAN: 299-5484
Phone: 541-826-5211 9 AM - 5 PM Monday - Thursday
Fax: 541-826-8669 24-hr/day

Y2K Book Dave Corbin has written a short, easy to read book that spells out the thorough but easy tests you can perform at home on your own computer and the programs and data you have now, to determine how it handles dates in the new millennium. You can find out if you have timing circuits and microcode that improperly interprets or will not accept the year 2000 in a date. You can test your accounting, checkbook, backup and data transfer software to see if it will overwrite newer files with older ones because it thinks the date is 1900 instead of 2000, or if it fails to back up to tape or disk yet lets you think everything is safe. You can see if data you download and programs that function on date sorting and date math actually work as expected, or have hidden bugs.

The book is called "SOLVING YOUR YEAR 2000 PROBLEM" (ISBN: 1-891935-00-3). It details the problem, why it was allowed to happen to so many systems and popular programs, how to find out which, if any, of the many kind of date-related errors might be hidden in your present system, how to isolate and identify the specific kind of problem and what generates it, and ways to solve the problems. Also included is a discussion of the way dates are stored and converted for date math, the file structures you can view on screen to determine the way your old data is holding the dates, and ways to test new software to find out if it is year 2000 compliant.

The book is $12.50 and will be shipped prepaid (free of shipping cost) in the USA if ordered on your VISA/MC from CORBIN SOFTWARE, PO BOX 2171, WHITE CITY, OR 97503. The fax number is 541-826-5211. (Book dealers, please request quantity pricing schedule. Available for immediate delivery, 1/4-lb net wt., 77-pg paperback perfect bound 5.5 X 8.5-inch format.)

You can order by e-mail, too! Just ask for the "Y2K" book, and include your mailing or UPS address for delivery, along with VISA or MC number and expiration date.

E-Mail: sales@corbins.com